Knitting Kits Review

Knitting Kitsare a great way to get a bunch of knitting supplies all at once. If you need lots of stich markers or tapestry needles it is better to buy things as you need them, but if you only need a few supplies (for a trip or you are just getting started knitting), this is the way to go!

Needle Felting Tool Review

Needle Felting Tool– needle felting tools are a great way to quickly felt embelishments on to your finished pieces. If you don’t do much felting you probably only need felting needles. If you don’t already have the foam, a Needle Felting Kit is often just about the same price as a pack of felting needles, and includes the foam (important because it keeps you from ruining tables!)

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Review: Addi, Boye, and Denise

This video is an overview of the different types of interchangeable needles. There are three interchangable knitting needles: Boye Interchangeable Needles,Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles,Addi Click Interchangeable Needles.

Addi Click Interchangeable Needles are the most expensive option for interchangeable knitting needles, but my favorite since their tips do not untwist or cause the stitches to drag on them. Addis come in both regular and lace tips.

Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles are great because they are much less expensive than the Addi Interchangeables, but unlike the Boye their tips do not unscrew as easily.

Boye Interchangeable Needles are the best bet if you are looking at price. The metal tips are more slippery than the plastic denise tips.

Boye Interchangeable Needles versusDenise needles.

Remember, interchangeable knitting needles are only worth the cost if you will use the sizes and need the different cord lengths!

Knitting Tools: Locking Stitch Marker Review and Types of Stitch Markers

Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needles Bent Point 2 Pack By The Each– these are hands down my favorite tapestry needles of all time, and my favorite needles for weaving in ends. Importantly, they do not have sharp ends (which would split the yarn when weaving in ends), and the bent tip makes it easier to get between stitches.
Clover Lock Ring Markers These are the only stitch markers I buy. I don’t use any others (well, I will use thread or saftey pins). They are great because they work with crochet, can be used to hold a few stitches instead of stitch markers, can hold pieces together as you seam, etc.

I am also a huge fan of thick Tpins- you have to find these at a fabric store, but sometimes yarn stores have them now. I mostly use them for blocking, but they are also good for holding seams in place as you work.


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Sweater Stone Review

Sweater Stone
Sweater Stones are a great way to remove pills from handknit sweaters- I have been using one for years. They are not perfect- they are a bit messy and only work really well on flat surafaces, but I prefer mine to electric sweater shavers
(which I don’t even own right now!) or Fabric Comb (which take a long time and I don’t think remove as much fuzz).